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this applies to so much more than fitness and weight loss. this applies to life.

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this is exactly what i’ve been thinking lately. 

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A: LIFE, MOTHERFUCKER. Or, you know, maybe not as emphatically as all caps, but it’s 7:40, I’m only halfway through my first cup of coffee, and I want to scream that at most people right now. Morning person? Me?

But I was leaving the gym last night and it suddenly dawned on me how absolutely…

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So here’s a little positivity for you today

No matter how slow you’re going, no matter how little progress you feel you’re making, you’re still doing SOMETHING. 

I didn’t think I’d made any progress. I wasn’t seeing any changes the last three weeks, I wasn’t feeling any different. 

But I still did my measurements today like I said I would. And in tiny, tiny increments (we’re taking 1/8”, 2/8”) I lost 2+ inches all over my body. 

That’s two inches that I wouldn’t have lost had I continued to sit and stew in my brain the last few weeks. 

No matter what, keep going. 



p.s. I’m going to workout today. I am!

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. This. Fucking. Girl. You are amazing! Anyone who doesn’t agree with me can seriously suck a dick, and choke on it.

Seriously watch this. Take 3 mins and do it. 

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I’m tired of seeing, “I haven’t made any progress lately. I haven’t lost any weight..” I see progress every fucking morning that I wake up and the person starting back at me in the mirror isn’t 300lbs. I think that’s my biggest motivator; the thought that if I stop living a healthy lifestyle I…

^^^ TRUE STORY. <3

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Had an awesome chat with my boyf and my mom today

With boyf: About giving myself time to see results, not getting frustrated with myself, and remembering that it’s not just about the physical - it’s about the mental, emotional, body functioning side of health that I’m doing these things and making these choices. 

Mantras: It takes 21 days to make a habit; I am not a number/the scale is not important. 

With mom: Gotta take things one step at a time and I’ll get it done, break it down into reasonable sections or goals, ask for help and be resourceful. 

Mantras: Focus on what you’re doing right then and how that can be the best it can be. 

See a theme here? 

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So happy I saw this today.


So happy I saw this today.

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TRUTH! That was me last night. Running around at work all day, walking the dog a solid 40 mins, then more work at night… Asleep by 10:30 without a “real workout”. 


Great fitness quote!

Work out with us! & Get in shape for Prom!

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