My legs were made for walking, not to look skinny. My tummy was made for holding my organs, not to be flat. My bones were made as a structural foundation for my body, not to stick out. Appreciate what your body can do for you instead of trying to make it ‘look good’.

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Nothing like a midmorning snack of goldfish and Swedish fish.

And a pear, for some healthier variety. 


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My life. I love it when he stops talking and he like purses his lips and is all like “don’t question me, I know my shit”.

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A late “just for fun” painting.

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Being disciplined is not avoiding junk food altogether. It’s about having a slice instead of the whole cake.

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GIVE ME SOMETHING: Pick a piece of my workout. What should I do today?

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It’s the right thing to do. No point in separating two parts of my life that are equally important to me! :)

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Merging my two selves.

Which two selves? My fitblr and my regular blr. There is no sense in continuing to keep the two separate. 

There’s something that strikes me as odd about separating two parts of my life that are equally as important to me. Health and the regular stuff I enjoy. Especially if I’m trying to make health and fitness an aspect of my life, not a  24/7 focus/obsession.

I will be following some of my favorite blogs on my other tumblr and I’d LOVE to still have some of the amazing support I’ve gained on this blog over there.

I will be posting non-fitness-y things there as I normally do, but will start mixing in personal posts and fitness posts.

My other tumblr is athroughzandme.tumblr.com — check it out! I’ll start following tonight! :) 


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Why the huge break in posts?

Well, I’ll tell you why. 

I got hit by a car! 

Yea, bet you weren’t expecting that!

I was out running, getting a great workout in, and was crossing a road when I was clipped by a car almost exactly 4 weeks ago. Both bones in my lower leg were broken (the tibia and fibula) and I have been recovering ever since. 

The cool thing is I now have a permanent new friend: a titanium rod that is screwed into my tibia, holding it in place while it heals. 

So, clearly that put working out like I had been on hold. However, recent successes have included walking without crutches, going to the gym, stretching my leg, and slowly (and frustratingly so) regaining flexibility. 

I even walked on the treadmill at 2.3 mph yesterday! Yes. That is a big deal. 

So that’s what’s been going on with me. More posts today to come. 
P.S. If you ever think your leg is unshapely, just break it, let it swell up, then think again. My legs are so shapely compared to how it was 4 weeks ago!
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Nothing like tea and GRE math. (Taken with Instagram)

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From today’s Post: “Children play in a DDT fog after a pesticide truck spraying”. Wow. (Taken with Instagram)

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Awesome morning at Take Flight Adventures - way cool 3 story adventure course (Taken with Instagram)

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Meet my new officemate. It speaks. Vulgarly. (Taken with Instagram)

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Extended version


Extended version